Paramedicine students put their training to the test

The Campbelltown campus of Western Sydney University was recently transformed into a mass casualty scene.

The simulation was designed to assess current Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine) students on their ability to manage a major incident with multiple casualties.

This year the scenario was a stampede after a fire at a concert hall and was comprised of actors, props, mannequins and an ambulance.

"The aim of the simulation is to present students with a situation in which multiple casualties require to be triaged, treated and transported to appropriate hospitals.," says Robin Pap, from the School of Science and Health.

Once they have assessed the situation and ensured that it is safe to approach, students were required to set up an Ambulance Command structure to systematically provide safe and effective patient care.

This involved setting up a central triage station, assess each of the patients, treat them and prepare them for transportation to hospital as required.

"The underlying principal in a situation like this is to do most for the most," says Mr Pap.

Thankfully, this is not a situation they should often find themselves in during their time as trained paramedics.


13 October 2017

Kathryn Bannon, Media Unit