Medical student to represent Australia at international app-building conference

Alice Leung, a Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of Surgery student from Western Sydney University, has been chosen to represent Australia at Elsevier Hacks 2017.(opens in a new window)

Elsevier Hacks is an app-building conference which brings medical students together with coders and designers, to help solve educational challenges.

Alice is one of just 16 students – chosen from more than 1500 applicants from around the world – who will travel to Helsinki, Finland, to participate in the week-long conference in August.

Alice was selected on the basis of her idea, to develop a smart phone app that makes learning fun for medical students.

"The idea came from my studies at University, where each week we are presented with a problem-based learning project," says Alice.

"As a group, we are given a case – which may involve the symptoms or test results for a patient – and then we go away and individually research the case in order to perform a differential diagnosis or develop a treatment plan."

Alice says she envisages her app following a similar method – of presenting students with a problem, and then providing an interactive means of investigating the answer.

"The patient's symptoms might be presented on a flash card, and then the app would provide with a range of multiple choice questions – for example, of tests that we might choose to order," says Alice.

"The app would then be able to provide further information on the medical conditions, and provide feedback on the process that the medical student has taken in their effort to make a diagnosis."

Alice says the app would effectively be developing a mobile means of educating medical students.

"Technology is already being used in a variety of ways, to advance treatment practices – but there is not much that is currently available, to specifically assist medical students," she says.

"This app would fill that void in the market. It would allow students to study on-the-go, whenever they have the opportunity – on the bus, or when they are just sitting around in their spare time."


4 July 2017

Danielle Roddick, Senior Media Officer