High school students set for university success

Jeremy Wood

Student Jeremy Wood, St Paul II Catholic College.

Studying a university unit while still in high school may be daunting for some, but for 15 students from St John Paul II Catholic College and Wyndham College, completing a milestone in their pathway to higher education was a proud moment.

The rare opportunity is offered by Western Sydney University for students at the Nirimba Education Precinct which has an ongoing partnership with the University and Nirimba TAFE. 

The students' completion of their units was celebrated at a ceremony held at the University's Blacktown campus. Results were exceptional with three High Distinctions, eight Distinctions and four Credits awarded to the talented students. 

>As a result of their success, all the students will receive a pre-HSC offer of admission to the University.

Anne McLean, Manager of schools Engagement, says she is proud to give these students every chance to succeed.

"It's a real tribute to students that they can achieve great results even in the midst of the demands of senior high school," she says.

"The program is a way to relieve any stress or worry about the future by providing them with a university offer even before they sit their exams." 

As part of the program, students who received Distinctions or High Distinctions are offered further rewards for their achievements, including:

  • $500 study grant to help with their HSC year.
  • The offer of a conditional Academic Excellence Scholarship of $5,000 per year for up to four years of study at Western Sydney University.

At the location, students were congratulated by Pro-vice Chancellor (Digital Futures), Professor Kevin Bell and Alan Moran, Deputy Dean for Student Success at The College Principals and selected students also presented speeches on the night.

This partnership with the two High Schools is part of the University of Western Sydney's Schools Engagement Program which aims to improve academic performance and retention as well as provide educational opportunities for primary and high school students.

Students that participated and unit studied:

St John Paul II Catholic College
Georgia Duncan Psychology and Health   
Rachel Foong         Psychology and Health           
Samantha Poullos    Introduction to Human Biology    
Jeremy Wood  Psychology and Health        
Rose Zappia    Communication in Health 
St John Paul II Catholic College  

Wyndham College
Wozaila Arefin  Programming Fundamentals  
Emily Blue Introduction to Human Biology
Daide Chaker  Introduction to Crime and Criminal Justice
Alisha Cochran
Graphic Communication and Design
Christian Conol  Introduction to Crime and Criminal Justice
Zane El-Kamand  Programming Fundamentals 
Caitlyn Franks The Individual in Society 
Cameron Pike  Biodiversity
Te'Aumata Rairi   Psychology and Health
Tamara Savage   Communication in Health

Wyndham College


7 June 2017

Jessica Cortis, Media Assistant