Big Black Thing gives voice to a new generation of writers

Writers Stephen Pham, Winnie Dunn, Maryam Azam and Shirley Le 

Writers Stephen Pham, Winnie Dunn, Maryam Azam and Shirley Le

Sweatshop: Western Sydney Literacy Movement is pleased to announce the release of an all-new Western Sydney anthology series, The Big Black Thing (opens in a new window).

The first issue was launched at the Sydney Writers' Festival on May 28th. The anthology was edited by Sweatshop Director, Dr Michael Mohammed Ahmad, and Sweatshop Manager, Winnie Dunn.

Award-winning Aboriginal author Ellen van Neerven worked on the publication as Editor for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content.

"Sweatshop was tired of waiting to see more cultural diversity in mainstream Australian literature and media, so we decided to create The Big Black Thing," says Dr Ahmad. 

"This new literary series gives voice to some of Western Sydney's most exciting writers from culturally diverse backgrounds."

For more information and to purchase The Big Black Thing please visit Sweatshop (opens in a new window). 

About the publisher

Sweatshop (opens in a new window) is a literacy movement devoted to empowering Western Sydney writers from migrant, Indigenous and refugee backgrounds. Sweatshop is based at the Western Sydney University Bankstown Campus and works in partnership with the Western Sydney University Writing and Society Research Centre and WestWords: Western Sydney's Literature Development Organisation for Young People.

29 May 2017

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