Bangladeshi judges arrive at Western Sydney University for specialist training

Bangladesh judges 

Judges and legal officers from Bangladesh are travelling to Western Sydney University for an in-depth training program designed to build their judicial expertise and enhance their managerial skills.

The training aims to strengthen Bangladesh's legal capacity, and is the first step in a new partnership between the School of Law and the Law and Justice Division of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

The training program is delivered by the School of Law's International Centre of Ocean Governance, which is uniquely qualified to provide training in areas such as transnational crime, cyber security, alternative dispute resolution, ocean governance, climate justice and maritime law.

"We are delighted to be able to help the judges and justice sector officials acquire the new knowledge they need to strengthen the overall performance of the judicial system in Bangladesh," says the Director of the International Centre for Ocean Governance, Associate Professor Daud Hassan.

Over time, experts from Western Sydney University will conduct training for over 500 judges and administrative and economic officers from different ministries. 

"In addition to training, the partnership will also pave the way for multidisciplinary research and training opportunities on contemporary legal and policy issues," says Associate Professor Hassan.

"These include Masters and Doctorates, in areas such as cyber law, comparative law, maritime law, ocean governance and intellectual property law."

The Law and Justice Division within the Ministry regulates and manages law and justice. When requested, the division advises all Government Ministries and Divisions on legal and constitutional matters arising from any dispute. It is also active regionally and internationally through cooperative partnerships.


15 June 2017

Mark Smith, Senior Media Officer