Study tracking public attitudes towards wildlife conservation in NSW


A researcher from Western Sydney University is asking residents of NSW to take part in an online questionnaire (opens in a new window) to gather information about current attitudes and behaviour towards wildlife conservation.

Wildlife conservation aims to protect native wildlife species and habitats from threats such as habitat loss, invasive species, disease and climate change.

Master of research student Megan Fabian says almost 1000 animal and plant species are at risk of extinction in NSW.

"Everyone has a different view towards wildlife. Some people may see wildlife as a threat, whereas others may view wildlife as a treasure to be protected," says Megan.

"What this study aims to do is capture the diverse range of opinions in NSW towards wildlife conservation which in turn will provide an in-depth understanding of how NSW residents relate to the conservation of native Australian wildlife. These new insights will contribute towards current knowledge in the field and can be used to help inform future policy and management directions."

To take part in the study, researchers are asking NSW residents over the age of 18 to go online (opens in a new window) and complete a questionnaire. 

Human Ethics approval has been given to the project: H11766


12 August 2016

Mark Smith - Acting Media Manager