Religious leaders gather for Harmony Day roundtable

Challenging Racism Lead Kevin Dunn and Penrith Mayor Karen McKeown join religious representatives from the Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Muslim and Jewish faiths.

Religious leaders from different faiths have gathered at Western Sydney University for a special Harmony Day event to discuss ways to promote peace and tolerance in the region.

Launched by the Mayor of Penrith Karen McKeown, the inaugural Multifaith roundtable brought together religious leaders from the Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Jewish faiths.

The special event was organised by the Leader of the Challenging Racism Project, Professor Kevin Dunn. 

"87 per cent of Australians think that diversity is a great thing for our society," he told the gathering.  

"In the Penrith area people encounter difference every day, be that cultural or religious, and mostly it's a positive experience."

He said Harmony Day is a good time to reflect on the dangers of intolerance, and discuss new ways to promote peace among the community.

"We must always be on our guard against intolerance and the scourge of racism," he said.

"This roundtable discussion is a great first step towards finding new ways to celebrate our diversity and encourage others to do the same."

In addition to the roundtable, special guest musicians gave a Qawwali music performance to staff and students at Western Sydney University.


21 March 2016

Mark Smith, Senior Media Officer

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