Open Forum: Challenges of Indian Economic Reforms

Indian city 

The challenge to ensure all Indians can benefit from the country's rapid economic transformation will be discussed by leading economist Dr M Govinda Rao at an upcoming Western Sydney University Open Forum.

The Open Forum: Challenges of Indian Economic Reforms will be held on Wednesday January 20 at 5.30pm at the Parramatta South Campus, Building EA G19.

Over the past 25 years India has pursued economic liberalisation policies to spur financial growth and encourage foreign and private investment.

Yet despite recent economic growth, concerns remain about widespread poverty and enduring social inequality.

Discussing these issues will be Dr Govinda Rao, Emeritus Professor from the National Institute of Public Finance Policy, New Delhi. Dr Govinda Rao has completed extensive research on public finance and development, authoring 14 books and dozens of research articles.

Dr Rao was one of the four Members of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India (PMEAC) during 2004-2012, and a consultant to the World Bank, IMF, Asian Development Bank, UNDP, and the UN.


11 January 2016

Mark Smith, Senior Media Officer

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