Anti-racism project hosts international expert

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A new antiracism project at Western Sydney University is hosting a workshop headed by an internationally renowned expert this week to showcase how new media engagement is crucial for modern day academics seeking to raise the standard of civil discourse. 

The Digital Anti Racisms project has been designed to evaluate new antiracism apps and their impact, as well as the implications of big data for measuring and combating racism in wider society.

As part of its mission to expand collaboration among antiracism activists and organisations, it's hosting a workshop for academics to showcase how to use digital media to combat racism online.

Presenting at the workshop will be Professor of Sociology from Hunter College, New York City, Jessie Daniels, a widely published expert who researches how racism is displayed and propagated across the internet.

Professor Daniels will draw on her experience and research into digital cultures to provide a vision for how academics can continue to work towards the common good in the digital era.

Lecturer in Cultural and Social Analysis Dr Justine Humphry says the project will evaluate how digital technologies are being used to address racism.

"The aims of the workshop are to investigate and analyse how mobile app and social media antiracism initiatives are being used to combat racism, highlighting the tensions and problems associated with the digitisation of antiracism," she says.

Dr Humphry says it's important to understand how to combat racism online due to its prevalence, particularly on social media.

"The lens has been on social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, who are scrambling to respond to claims their platforms were used to harvest and circulate racist chatbots, white supremacist memes and fake news," says Dr Humphry.

"To date, there has been little published research dealing with the visibility and frequency of online racialised discourse and events and the application of new forms of social and mobile media to combat racism."

About the Digital Anti Racisms project:

The Digital Anti Racisms project aims to provide an international comparison of social media antiracism initiatives.

It will broadly analyse and evaluate new antiracism apps and their usage and impact, and the implications of big data for measuring and combating racism and datafication.

The project will develop research collaborations and international networks to inform research and policy initiatives on antiracism and provide antiracism organisations with capacity-building opportunities.  


5 December 2016

Elliott Richardson - Media Assistant