UWS shines with Fulbright Scholarships

The University of Western Sydney is proud to announce two researchers will travel to the United States as part of the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship(opens in a new window) program.

The Fulbright Scholarship program is designed to give researchers from Australia and America the chance to develop their work with partners across the Pacific Ocean.

Anthony Maeder 

Professor in Health Informatics at the UWS School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics Anthony Maeder has been appointed the 2015 Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Agriculture and Life Sciences, based at the Kansas State University.

Under the scholarship, Professor Maeder will continue his work in developing mobile apps to support physical activity and nutrition programs, with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles in youth and school children.

"At the moment eHealth is a low profile area in computing, but its significance is growing as its relevance to the reform of health services becomes more strongly established," says Professor Maeder, who is also the Director of the Telehealth Research and Innovation Laboratory.

"This scholarship will help my research into the best ways to encourage healthier students and healthier communities, and working over a sustained period in America will be extremely useful in building new relationships and new ideas."

Postgraduate researcher Tracey Steinrucken will also travel to America after she received a 2015 Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship.

Tracey Steinrucken 

Working at the UWS Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment and the CSIRO, Tracey is devising new ways to halt the spread of Parkinsonia aculeata, an invasive thorny tree covering over one million hectares of northern Australia.

Under the scholarship, Tracey will continue her research at the Forest Pathology and Mycology Lab at the College of Natural Resources at the University of California Berkeley.

Tracey says she was ecstatic to be selected, especially after such a long and vigorous selection process.

"Even now it hasn't quite sunk in, and I know the value of it will only increase in time," she says.

"The Fulbright program is all about being an ambassador for your institution and country, and I'm looking forward to exchanging ideas with my colleagues in America and returning home to share these experiences and knowledge."


20 February 2014

Mark Smith, Senior Media Officer

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