UWS makes over 11,300 offers to uni hopefuls

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The University of Western Sydney is making over 11,300 university offers in 2015 the largest number of offers to uni hopefuls in NSW and the ACT.

Among the popular course choices at UWS this year are medicine, paramedicine, policing, nursing and midwifery, construction management, physiotherapy, and medical science.

The University's Acting Vice-President People and Advancement, Mr Angelo Kourtis, says courses that are in strong demand are linked to growth in employment opportunities, as well as professions like policing and midwifery that are experiencing renewed interest and recognition among the community.

"Our policing program has grown rapidly over the last few years and is popular among both school leavers and non-school leavers alike. This year our policing degree attracted over 500 first preferences," says Mr Kourtis.

"Health also continues to perform very strongly not just medicine, nursing and midwifery, but also allied health areas, like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sport and exercise science, and podiatric medicine. Our paramedicine course, which we introduced for the first time last year, has attracted over 360 first preferences alone in 2015.

"We are also seeing double degrees, particularly those combined with law, such as the new Bachelor of Laws/Criminal and Community Justice and Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Construction Management degrees, garner increasing interest from students who are looking for more options and greater flexibility in their future careers."

UWS continues to attract the best and brightest students from the Greater Western Sydney region, with high-achieving students who are studying advanced courses and who have ATARs of 85 and above to be admitted to The Academy program.

The Academy is the first program of its kind in Australian universities, with students immersed in leadership-building programs in addition to their advanced studies.

"Today's students are looking for university offerings that give them a professional edge whether it be an international experience, leadership programs, or other personal development opportunities. Equally, employers are seeking graduates with critical and design thinking skills that can meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and globalised work environment," Mr Kourtis says.

Once again, every student who enrols at UWS will be provided with an iPad as part of the University's ground-breaking blended learning program. UWS has provided more than 40,000 iPads to students and academic staff over the last three years, making it one of the largest educational rollouts globally.

To further help those juggling study, work and other commitments, UWS this year also launched UWSOnline offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs with full online flexibility, along with both online support and the benefit of the University's campus network across Western Sydney.

Mr Kourtis says for those who are still considering their options or didn't receive an offer to the course of his or her first choice don't panic.

"There are many pathways to university, and the best advice to students is to explore all options available. UWS will also continue to make more offers during the late and final rounds," he says.

"UWS has its own highly-regarded pathways program, UWSCollege, which offers university foundation studies and diploma programs along with tailored study support. On successful completion of a diploma program a student will have guaranteed entry into the second year of a UWS undergraduate degree."

Students who would like to discuss their study options can contact UWS on 1300 897 669 or email study@uws.edu.au


22 January 2015

Media contact: Amanda Whibley, Manager Media and Public Relations

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