UniSchools Steer Challenge closing ceremony

Xavier College
Xavier College took home first place as Champion School for 2015

Students from Years 7 to 12, along with principals, teachers and parents gathered at Western Sydney University on Friday 4 September for the 2015 UniSchool Steer Challenge closing ceremony.

Hereford steers were allocated by ballot to each participating school team back in May and for approximately 100 days students were tasked with the feeding and handling of the steers that they then presented at the Live Day competition at Hawkesbury Showground.

Xavier College was the Overall champion of the competition. In second place, Macarthur Anglican School and just behind in third place was Colo High.

Macarthur Anglican School 
 Macarthur Anglican came a close second

Event organiser, Stephen Blunden, from the School of Science & Health, says the competition is a great way to engage students in an agriculturally focussed challenge.

"Students are responsible for the feeding and welfare of the steer, picking up valuable skills in animal care and cattle management in the process.

"The challenge has also proven to be a great learning opportunity in communication and personal development," says Mr Blunden.

The UniSchools Steer Challenge started back in 2000 with a handful of schools participating. Since that time the competition has grown to include many more Sydney schools and students. Students who had participated in the past are now assisting in the running of the competition, while some are studying agriculture at university or have found work within the industry.

Colo High School 
 Colo High School coming a close third

The project also provides a valuable opportunity for the promotion of agriculture in both schools and the general public.

  • Individual class winners of the 2015 UniSchools Steer Challenge are:

Champion Junior Judge:  Hurlstone Agricultural High,   James Bush
Champion Senior Judge:  Richmond High,   Brooke Chandler
Junior Champion Parader:  Macarthur Anglican,  Jordyn Shape
Senior Champion Parader:  Elizabeth Macarthur High, Shania Munro
All Ages Judging Team:  Hurlstone Agricultural High
Champion School – Best Presented Steer:  Richmond TAFE
Students Choice (Display):  Bede Polding College
Champion School – Led Steer:  Xavier College
Champion School – Herdsman:  Oakhill College
Champion School – Combined Beef Appraised Team:  Xavier College
Champion School – Steer Weight Gain:  Richmond TAFE
Champion Carcass School:  Xavier College

10 September 2015
Photos By:  Alexander Guiang

Media Contact: Tanya Patterson

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