Ideas Lab: Exploring education and the future of work

School child 

Whether you are a parent, researcher, government official, educator or employer, moving forward in this evolving world of future work is an issue that is affecting us all.

65% of current school children will end up in jobs that haven't been invented yet. The question arises – how do we best prepare our children for tomorrow's jobs?

The University of Western Sydney's Centre for Educational Research (CER) and Blacktown City Council are joining forces to host an 'Ideas Lab' to explore 'Education and The Future of Work.'

'Ideas Lab', is a new UWS initiative that brings together industry, academics, government and NGO's to discuss regional issues and more importantly to foster collaboration.

This interactive forum will focus on the impact on youth and alternative pathways to work.

Speaking at the event will be:

  • Gregory Prior, Deputy Secretary, School Operations and Performance, Department of Education and Communities
  • Dr Mohamed Moustakim, The Centre for Educational Research, University of Western Sydney
  • Stacey Quince, Principal, Campbelltown Performing Arts High School
  • Nathan Burbridge, Economic Development Strategist, Blacktown City Council 
  • Ben Artup, Associate Director, Deloitte Access Economics
  • Associate Professor Christine Woodrow, The Centre for Educational Research, University of Western Sydney
  • Guest speaker, Mayor Steven Bali, Blacktown City Council.

Associate Professor David Cole from the UWS, Centre for Educational Research says, "Globalisation brings about new challenges and opportunities for young people and their families in Greater Western Sydney."

"Our research focuses on how to maximise job opportunities" says Associate Professor David Cole.

The 'Ideas Lab': Education and The Future of Work, will lead the way in developing supportive partnerships for this area of study which will endeavour to drive UWS towards new and innovative research.

19 June 2015
Media Contact: Tanya Patterson

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