Human Rights Commissioner to address UWS

Australian flag in the wind 

The Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson will discuss the role of human rights in Australia at a special University of Western Sydney Open Forum.

The Open Forum: Freedom Wars or the 21st Century Contest of Ideas will be held on Wednesday June 25 at the UWS Parramatta Campus, Building EA G.19.

As Commissioner, Tim Wilson has promised to approach human rights from a classical liberal perspective, where individuals are protected from government abuse through the primacy of freedom of speech, religion, association and property. In balancing competing rights, deference is towards more freedom, not less.

At the forum Mr Wilson will discuss the advancement of civil liberties in Australia, and how he plans to promote a culture of rights and responsibilities.

The forum will be moderated by the former Human Rights Commission Dr Sev Ozdowski, the Director of Equity and Diversity at UWS.

"Civil liberties and freedoms play a very important role in modern society by adding to innovation, eliminating costly mistakes and giving modern societies their competitive edge," says Dr Ozdowski.

"We are honoured to be hosting Commissioner Wilson to hear his thoughts on the way for Australia to protect our fundamental freedoms, particularly as we lack a Bill of Rights."

Tim Wilson was appointed Australia's Human Rights Commissioner by the Federal Government in February 2014. Mr Wilson is a proud and passionate defender of universal, individual human rights. Mr Wilson writes extensively for newspapers, journals and books, and recently co-edited the book Turning Left or Right: Values in Modern Politics.


16 June 2014

Mark Smith, Senior Media Officer