Design graduate returns to Vivid Sydney with interactive display

Sphera | Behind the Scenes – Vivid Light 2014 from Dave Katague.

After the success of her award winning installation Chromatic Motions, Bachelor of Design Graduate Thi Nguyen returns to Vivid Light 2014 in Sydney to unveil Sphera, her new interactive installation.

Radiating a ghostly white light, Sphera is a large, ethereal globe that beckons you towards it, inviting you to explore its mystery through touch.

“Sphera explores how interactive design interventions can influence our lives by interacting with us and shaping the ways in which we interact with each other,” says Ms Nguyen.

As you make contact with the orb, it comes to life, emitting incandescent sparks of light. There’s a kind of wizardry in being able to control light directly with your hands; at your fingertips lies the power to create hypnotic patterns of light.

Her awards include AGDA Australian Design Biennale, Sydney Design Awards and the Tokyo Type Directors Club.


20 May 2014

Contact: Mark Smith, Senior Media Officer

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