New employment hub reflects Western Sydney's changing demographic

Werrington Park Corporate Centre 2 

The construction of the Werrington Park Corporate Centre is an important step in Western Sydney's emergence as a generator of jobs in the professional and technical services sector, according to an urban geographer from the University of Western Sydney.

Located in one of Australia's largest and fastest growing economic regions, the Werrington Park Corporate Centre is strategically positioned on western Sydney's main transport arteries and will take advantage of the growing ranks of local residents now holding advanced qualifications.

The number of Western Sydney residents with Bachelor's degrees or Advanced Diplomas rose by over 65 thousand between 2001 and 2006, and Professor Phillip O'Neill, from the UWS Urban Research Centre, says the challenge now is to find these highly qualified workers local jobs.

"Car-based, long-distance commuting is unsustainable, yet 80 per cent of Western Sydney's full-time workers are car dependent," says Professor O'Neill.

"This is not good for the environment, and chews away at family budgets and lifestyles."

"Moreover, long distance transport solutions are hugely expensive and take a long time to plan and build, so it makes sense to encourage jobs concentrations closer to where people live."

Professor O'Neill says international research shows that the next surge of jobs growth in western cities will come from innovative professional and technical services activities.

"Manufacturing will be important in Western Sydney for decades to come, but growth has to come from other sectors too," says Professor O'Neill.

"The good news is Western Sydney workers now have the training and qualification for the jobs of the future."

"The region currently has more than 17,000 professional, scientific and technical services workers who have to travel to other parts of the city for work, and more than 7,000 IT, media and telecommunications professionals in the same situation."

Key facts about Werrington Park Corporate Centre's design:

  • The three-storey Werrington Park Corporate Centre will feature commercial tenants on either side of a bridged, central atrium with floor plates up to 1,930sqm
  • An atrium café will provide a social hub for the building's occupants, and landscaped surrounds enable staff to move about freely and collaborate outside of the fixed office environment
  • An onsite 'Business Development Incubator' will also promote entrepreneurship and provide start-up businesses with cost-effective workspaces, mentoring and support for investment and growth


15 August 2014

Mark Smith Senior Media Officer