Research Week: Mapping the Humanities

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The first detailed review of the current state of Australia's humanities, arts and social science disciplines will be presented at a public forum as a part of the University of Western Sydney's 2014 Research Week.

Hosted by the Institute for Culture and Society at the UWS Parramatta South campus, the event features Professor Graeme Turner from the University of Queensland.

Professor Turner will present the findings of the Mapping the Humanities and Social Sciences in Australia report, based on a project conducted by the Australian Academy of the Humanities and the Academy of Social Sciences.

Following the presentation, Professor Denise Meredyth and Professor Marian Simms will bring an Australian Research Council perspective to bear on the report's findings.

Professor Tony Bennett from the UWS Institute for Culture and Society says the report shows that the humanities and social sciences in Australia are performing well by international standards. 

"At the same time, this report points to a number of issues that need to be addressed," he says.

"There are real concerns about the amount of sessional staff, and the imminent retirement of an important cohort of baby boomers, raising questions about the long term future of the humanities and social sciences."

"These areas of study are absolutely critical in modern day Australia if we are to better understand the changes in our society, our new future in Asia, and how social, cultural and environmental questions intersect." 

Mapping the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences will take place on Thursday December 4 at the Female Orphan School, UWS Parramatta South Campus at 3pm.


28 November 2014

Photo: Sally Tsoutas

Mark Smith, Senior Media Officer

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