Men's Health Week 2014: Celebrating Men's Achievements

Men celebrate Men's Health Week 

This year Men’s Health Week, running from June 9 – 15, is all about recognising and celebrating the many contributions large and small, that men and boys make to our society and to the community. The idea is to have fun while celebrating the many positive roles men play in our lives whether as fathers, grandfathers, sons, brothers, friends, teammates or work colleagues.

Men’s Health is now an international celebration but its real strength is the growing success of events organised by Men’s Health at UWS and held locally which celebrate men and boys’ contributions to their communities.

Throughout Men’s Health Week there are a variety of events and initiatives taking place in Australia’s cities and towns which not only celebrate men and their achievements, but also raise awareness about the importance of men’s health and wellbeing in a positive way.

 “We want to develop a new level of interest in the area of men’s health and wellbeing, and encourage, as promoted by the Australian Male Health Policy, the development of more male friendly services that will help to improve men’s physical, social and emotional health, says Professor John Macdonald, Director of the Men’s Health Information and Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney.

“We are also particularly concerned about those men doing it hard, like Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, whose contribution to society is often overlooked,” he says.

Improving men’s health and wellbeing requires the development of approaches that men and boys can relate and respond to. That’s one reason Men’s Health Week also offers plenty of opportunities for local communities to organise their own events which celebrate and promote men and awareness of men’s health. Those events could include local fund raisers, barbeques and food events, health screenings and presentations, fitness fairs and classes, demonstrations and competitive events and fun runs. The idea is to have fun while celebrating all the roles men play in our lives.

To find out how to register your event or get involved in an event, visit the Men’s Health Week 2014 website (opens in a new window).


Photo: Sally Tsoutas

6 June 2014 

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