Indigenous Excellence: Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark prospectus cover 

Indigenous students looking for financial and academic support on their journey through life at university now have access to all the information they need in one spot, thanks to the Bridges to Higher Education initiative.

The new online information resource provides all the details students need to give themselves the best chance at success at university, and contains profiles of inspirational University of Western Sydney students and alumni.

The resource introduces students and their families to the well-established support services available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders students at UWS, and showcases the cultural and supportive environment within which students can undertake their personal and spiritual journey.

"We want to encourage students to own their future," says Nicola Cull, Chair of the Indigenous Advisory Group.

"Education provides you with choices, and enables you to seek long-lasting and fulfilling employment and more importantly is a catalyst for change for future generations of Indigenous peoples in Australia."

"We hope this prospectus will provide communities with the information they need to start considering education as an environment in which they can thrive and achieve excellence."

The prospectus is available on the Make Your Mark website or by contacting the UWS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Services and Support Centres.
About Bridges to Higher Education

Bridges to Higher Education is a $21.2m initiative, funded by the Commonwealth Government's Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP), to improve the participation rates of students from disadvantaged communities in higher education. Bridges is a partnership to create new aspiration- and attainment-building programs and build on existing programs targeting school-age children and their parents.


5 August 2014

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