UWS again improves research position

The University of Western Sydney's ties with the local community will be strengthened after the announcement of over $690,000 in new Australia Research Council funding.

The funding has been awarded through the prestigious Australian Research Council Linkage Grants Scheme, and is a $230,000 increase from last year, highlighting the University's growing research standing.

The funding will be split over four projects and will drive real world research in conjunction with civic and industry partners, which will supplement the projects with over $1,000,000 of cash and in-kind contributions.

The Institute for Culture and Society will join with six councils across Greater Western Sydney to analyse the way communities produce and consume art, music and literature, and develop new strategies to tap into the growing 'cultural economy'.

The School of Nursing and Midwifery will team with two of the most trusted residential parenting centres, Karitane and Tresillian, to investigate how complications and interventions during childbirth impact on parents.

The Centre for Health Research will work with Family Planning NSW to investigate the sexual health of women from migrant backgrounds, with the aim of developing guidelines to help to promote safe sex practices.

The MARCS Institute and the Sydney Dance Theatre will investigate the delicate interplay between choreographers and dancers to help pinpoint the processes that drive excellence in dance.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Andrew Cheetham, says the outstanding outcome is a tribute to the hard work of UWS academics.

"This result, an improvement on last year, strengthens the University's already impressive research position," Professor Cheetham says.

"The University of Western Sydney is a leading centre of learning and research in Greater Western Sydney, and we pride ourselves on working with local organisations to strengthen our understanding of the people and places that make up the many local communities."

"On behalf of the University I would like to congratulate our successful researchers, as well as the research support staff, for their hard work and dedication in achieving such a fantastic outcome."


28 June 2013

Contact: Mark Smith, Media Officer

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