Walking with our Elders

TVS Walking with our Elders 

An extraordinary meeting of ten Aboriginal Elders at the University of Western Sydney has been captured on film and will screen on Television Sydney this Sunday, September 9 at 6.30pm on digital Channel 44.

Walking With Our Elders charts the remarkable meeting of minds as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rights Campaigner Jeff McMullen visits the University for a wide-ranging conversation with the Aboriginal Elders on campus.

During the course of the hour long program, viewers are given a rare insight into the thoughts and hopes of the Elders as they discuss the challenges facing young Australians in the modern world.

Melissa Williams, the Director of the Office of Aboriginal Employment and Engagement, says the Elders at UWS are valuable role models for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff.

“Their leadership and mentorship has been amazing for all of us at the University, and now everyone has the chance to listen to their wisdom,” Ms Williams says.

“The Elders are asking the next generation to learn both cultural codes and participate in work and education so they can represent their families in the community with pride, and be positive ambassadors for our culture.”

“It’s important for the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders and the ones behind them to have positive role models, and it’s amazing to see how they are learning and working towards a dream of better things and aiming to reach higher goals.”

Walking With Our Elders airs on TVS Sunday 9th September at 6.30pm digital channel 44, and repeats on Monday September 10 at 12.00pm, and the Tuesday September 11 at 11.00pm.


5 September 2012

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