UWSCollege helps taxi drivers kick start their careers

UWSCollege is proud to announce a new short course to help prospective taxi drivers ensure they pass the NSW English language test and start their new careers.

In order to become a taxi driver in New South Wales, candidates must pass an English language test to ensure their level of English meets the mandated national standard.

To help prospective drivers prepare for the exam, UWSCollege has developed a short course to help them develop their skills and confidence.

The community program will be held one day a week over three weekends, and will be taught by experienced English language teachers who will help improve participants' speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

The prospective taxi drivers will also be given an overview of the test and sample questions in a relaxed and supportive environment.

The CEO of UWSCollege, Kerry Hudson, says the course is a good way for people to avoid disappointment and frustration.

"The more prepared prospective drivers are for the test, the more chance they will have of succeeding and moving forward with their careers," Dr Hudson says.

The English for Taxi Drivers short course starts on Saturday March 24th at UWS College Westmead, and runs for three weekends (excluding the Easter weekend).


10 February 2012

Contact: Mark Smith, Media Officer