Research success

Office Workers

Study finds a link between a static life and health strife

Office workers, truck drivers and couch potatoes beware: a University of Western Sydney study has found that that men who spend more than four hours of each day sitting down are more likely to experience chronic disease.

Safer Internet Day

Teens as teachers: Parents brush up on online safety

In time for Safer Internet Day, research from the University of Western Sydney and the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre has revealed that young people are well aware of the risks of being online.


Researchers reveal the science behind beatboxing

As far as astounding your friends and family, it’s hard to go past human ‘beatboxing’. The art of producing amazingly life-like percussion sounds.

Light in trees

Climate changing for bug battle in Western Sydney

Climate and environmental change could be giving some insects the advantage over trees – resulting in vast tracts of woodlands with mature eucalypts losing leaves.

Caring at End of Life team

Researchers create a digital story of dying at home

Researchers at the University of Western Sydney have created a heartfelt digital story that explores the way that family, friends and the community come together to care.

Croaka Loka

Some good can grow from the ashes: Using the bushfires as a learning opportunity for young children

An expert in early childhood education at the University of Western Sydney says the devastation caused by the bushfires could be used as an opportunity...(read more)

Doctor and baby

A spoonful of sugar: Sweet taste comforts babies during injections

Fictional character Mary Poppins may have been correct when she sang “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” at least when it comes to injections for babies, according to a recently published scientific review.

Building EA on the Parramatta campus

UWS research rated among the world’s best, according to national quality report

UWS research has scored highly in the latest national report card, with over 70 per cent of the University’s research at world standard or better. Three key areas received ratings “well above world standard”.

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