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Breastfeeding good for mum's blood pressure later in life

Breastfeeding is not only good for baby but good for mums with a study finding breastfeeding reduces the chances of mums developing high blood pressure decades later.

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Apply, apply, negative reply: Research reveals the job-seeking experiences of migrants in Australia

A University of Western Sydney study has found that securing suitable employment can be a long, difficult and disappointing process for skilled migrants following their arrival in Australia.

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Genes in genes help crack genetic code for Tourette syndrome

A remarkable new discovery has explained the genetic basis of Tourette syndrome (TS) and provided an unparalleled insight into the biological basis of human behaviour.

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UWS climbing the research rankings

The Australian newspaper has tipped UWS to be a university that is on the rise in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rankings.

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Disease connection discovery could point to better health

Research linking global health challenges – depression and chronic lung disease – suggest screening for both simultaneously could improve outcomes for patients.

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Study of Bali Bombing survivors points way to new support programs

A decade after the 2002 Bali Bombing a landmark study has found Australians directly affected by the terrorist attack had relatively good physical health but high rates of psychological distress.

Office Workers

Study finds a link between a static life and health strife

Office workers, truck drivers and couch potatoes beware: a University of Western Sydney study has found that that men who spend more than four hours of each day sitting down are more likely to experience chronic disease.

Safer Internet Day

Teens as teachers: Parents brush up on online safety

In time for Safer Internet Day, research from the University of Western Sydney and the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre has revealed that young people are well aware of the risks of being online.

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