Research success

Baby boy holds a doll and smiles

Research finds baby boys love dolls more than trucks

New research from the University of Western Sydney shows baby boys prefer objects with faces over machines, challenging the theory of an innate preference among babies.

Vaughan Macefield

Couch potatoes take heart - watching sport can make you fitter

New research has found that viewing other people exercise actually increases your heart rate and other physiological measures, just as if you were working out yourself.

Spinning Pulsar

UWS Professor and PhD student shine on the international astronomy stage

A UWS Professor and PhD student are part of a multinational collaboration which has made an extraordinary observation in the field of astronomy.

Lung X-Ray

Low hormone levels a reversible risk factor for men with chronic lung disease

Boosting low testosterone levels in males with chronic pulmonary disease (COPD) may reduce their risk of further deterioration and functional disability.

Flask of red liquid

Clinical trial: Chinese herbs boost 'good' cholesterol

A modern Chinese herbal medicine clinically-trialled at UWS has increased ‘good cholesterol’ levels and stabilised insulin in people with pre-diabetes.

Alan Bensoussan and Wang Guoqiang

UWS researcher receives accolade for Chinese Medicine research

Professor Alan Bensoussan is recognised for his global impact on the clinical study of Chinese Medicine with a prestigious international award.

Tree by a lake

Urban green space good for your health

New research has found community green spaces are encouraging people to exercise harder and more often.


Researchers investigate drinking, preloading and pill-popping

Researchers from UWS have played an integral role in a study which has measured the drinking levels of patrons in Australia’s night-time entertainment districts.

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