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woman drinking

Women to take control on binge drinking

New research from the University of Western Sydney has revealed how midlife women with Alcohol Use Disorders (AUDs) maintain quality abstinent recovery and wellbeing.

Eucalypts on river

Tree shock: research shows climate change hitting eucalypts

The much-loved national symbols are increasingly coming under threat as climate change increasingly creates a mismatch between forest trees and their home environments.

Possum in tree

Hungry pythons mean male possums live fast and die young

In their quest to find females, young male brushtail possums are spending more time roaming around and thus are falling prey to carpet pythons at high rates.


Study finds court design influences jury decisions

Research finds where the accused sits could make a difference to their case, with those sitting in a glass fronted dock twice as likely to be convicted as the same person sitting at the Bar table.

Junk food

Obesity sending over 45s to hospital - costing $4billion a year

A new study has found one in every six days spent in Australian hospitals is related to overweight and obesity among the over-45s.


New photodynamic laser could revolutionise fungal nail treatment

A new photodynamic laser therapy being developed by a UWS researcher could revolutionise the way we treat the age-old problem of fungal nail infections.

Doctor with stethoscope

Study finds false perceptions of body weight put new mums in diabetes danger zone

An alarming number of new mums who develop increased blood sugar levels during pregnancy are placing themselves at heightened risk of long-term diabetes because of false perceptions of their own weight and health risk.

Male fruit fly

New research reveals clock ticking for fruit flies

Queensland fruit flies that inflict damage on the nation's horticultural industry may be about to see their numbers take a significant dive thanks to new research.

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