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Gum tree

MRI imaging moves from hospitals to forests to help sick trees

Research from Western Sydney University has found medical imaging techniques used in hospitals such as MRI scans are equally efficient at determining the health of trees with health problems.

Anzac Day 1

In remembering Anzac Day, what do we forget?

While the Anzac story was produced in colonial White Australia, Australia today is vastly different in demographic terms and is made up of people whose histories increasingly lie elsewhere.


Study finds new vaccination rules remind forgetful parents but fail to impact objectors

New vaccination regulations for parents looking to enrol their children in NSW child care centers has succeeded in reminding forgetful parents, but failed to affect conscientious objectors.


Russian doping harks back to Cold War competitions

The release of the World Anti-Doping Agency report into drug use by athletes recalls the dark days of state-sanctioned doping in the German Democratic Republic.

Med grads

NHMRC research success puts health under microscope

The National Health and Medical Research Council has announced $5.3 million dollars in new funding for research in areas including dementia, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Cross on field

Study finds health system needs overhaul to let Australians die at home

A five-year research project from is calling for an overhaul of the health system to cater to the overwhelming desire by most Australians to die in their own homes.

EucFACE from above

Predicting the future: Experiment finds higher carbon dioxide gives trees efficiency boost

Australia’s native forests will use water more efficiently in the future as the amount of carbon dioxide in the planet’s atmosphere increases, according to findings from Australia’s largest climate change research experiment.

fruit market

Making a meal of it: Unequal access to fresh food a health risk

The lack of easy access to fresh food in some part of Western Sydney may be having an impact on residents' health according to researchers.

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