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Trees' ability to store carbon in doubt after groundbreaking Australian study

The ability of trees to offset carbon emissions has been questioned after a study found common Australian trees are unable to store as much carbon as previously thought.

Strength in diversity: research finds a mix of tree species is better for overall growth

New research conducted in collaboration with the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment demonstrates the impact of planting a diverse mix of trees rather than opting for monoculture plantings.

Blue Mountains mine 2

Study finds toxic mine discharge flowing into Blue Mountains World Heritage Area

Toxic discharge from an underground Blue Mountains coal mine is causing major damage to protected local waterways, raising concerns about the regulation of mining in the nearby World Heritage Conservation Area.

Baby in green

Adopted babies can remember their birth language

New research has discovered that early language learning in children adopted internationally can be subconsciously retained, even when they can no longer remember the learning experience.

Tinashe Dune

Study investigating innovative teaching method highlights student involvement

A study has revealed that harnessing popular culture in learning methods encourages students involvement in producing educationally sound content.

Tree chambers

Unique tree chambers allowing scientists to bring the heat

The tree chambers allow scientists to control temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration and water availability of each tree, granting them a valuable opportunity to turn up the dials to see how they’ll react to climate change.

Art survey

Study discovers the cultural tastes of modern Australians

A landmark survey has uncovered significant divides in the cultural tastes of Australians, with class, level of education, age, and ethnic heritage the key drivers behind Australians’ cultural preferences.

Diabetes 2

Low testosterone thresholds established for Type 2 Diabetes

Research into Type 2 Diabetes conducted has for the first time established a range of clinical thresholds for testosterone levels in men associated with developing diabetes.

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