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Chafer Larve

Future Fellowship looks beyond climate change scourge and toward greener pastures

A Western Sydney University researcher has been awarded an ARC Future Fellowship, to investigate methods of protecting Australian grasses from insect pests and rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels.

Earth, satellite and moon

New ‘star tracking’ camera to advance space monitoring capabilities

The Department of Defence has announced funding for Western Sydney University researchers to develop advanced, new camera technology that could transform the way we monitor moving objects in space.

Serve sushi in stadiums

Survey suggests sushi should be on the State of Origin menu

In the lead-up to State of Origin, Western Sydney University experts in sport management and hospitality say Origin venues could combat high levels of consumer dissatisfaction by selling sushi to footy fans.


From bedside to bench: Grant paves the way for a new diabetic gastroparesis treatment

Western Sydney University researchers are investigating a form of treatment for diabetic gastroparesis, after being awarded an innovation grant from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Jane Ussher

Partners can help with PMS: Couples counselling key to coping with premenstrual distress

A Western Sydney University study has found that couples counselling can be critical for women in the treatment of severe premenstrual symptoms (PMS).


Study finds “dire” lack of interest in maths careers among Australian students

The finding comes as student participation in year 12 mathematics is declining and for science is at its lowest point in 20 years.


Trees' ability to store carbon in doubt after groundbreaking Australian study

The ability of trees to offset carbon emissions has been questioned after a study found common Australian trees are unable to store as much carbon as previously thought.

Strength in diversity: research finds a mix of tree species is better for overall growth

New research conducted in collaboration with the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment demonstrates the impact of planting a diverse mix of trees rather than opting for monoculture plantings.

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