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Head start for home owners makes a big difference for housing stress

The focus has mostly been on entry-level affordability for home buyers. But how does affordability change over the years after people have bought their home?

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The Conversation: Racism in a networked world: how groups and individuals spread racist hate online

Living in a networked world has many advantages. We get our news online, we stay in touch with friends via social media, and we advance our careers through online professional networks.

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Health Check: what causes bloating and gassiness?

Bloating is a feeling of increased abdominal pressure, usually related to gas. But contrary to popular belief, bloating and abdominal distention isn’t caused by an excessive production of gas in the intestines.

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Western Sydney University’s Australia Day honours

Members of the Western Sydney University community, including some of its most senior leaders, have been recognised with prestigious Australia Day honours this year.

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I’ve Always Wondered: is rain better than tap water for plants?

You might be surprised to find that rain, especially during a thunderstorm, has special qualities that can give your plants a boost.

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Urban heat makes us sedentary, passive and lonely: Western Sydney University research

Research has found that an over-reliance on air-conditioning and lack of cooling elements in public outdoor areas are leading to sedentary lifestyles and social isolation.


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