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Westmead Feelings Program team

Westmead Feelings Program awarded for contribution to Autism community

The Westmead Feelings Program, a pair of research-driven intervention programs for school-age children with autism, has won the Advancement Award in the Autism Spectrum Australia’s (Aspect) 2019 Recognition Awards.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Barney Glover

Universities can lead the way in supporting just and responsible social change

The higher education experience shapes students’ capacity to contribute to the world as ethical, compassionate and civic-minded global citizens, says Professor Barney Glover.

Western students at Graduation

Western Sydney University ranked among top 20 universities globally for social and economic impact

Western Sydney University has ranked 1st in the world for its work to address gender equality, and 2nd for reducing inequalities in the inaugural Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings.

The Conversation logo

Is bottom-pinching still ‘indecent’ by today’s community standards?

In a recent court case in Western Australia, Magistrate Michelle Ridley ruled that “in an era of twerking” and easy access to pornography, a police officer pinching a woman’s backside is not indecent assault.

Barney Glover and Andy Vann

CSU and WSU set to receive $18m in joint funding for medical research institute

Charles Sturt University (CSU) and Western Sydney University (WSU) welcome the announcement by the Federal Government of funding for the joint CSU and WSU Institute for Regional, Rural and Remote Health and Medical Research.

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‘Jobs for the boys’: women don’t get a fair go in sports administration

Women represent just 22% of board chairs and 13% of CEOs across more than 60 Australian sporting organisations.Why is there such an imbalance?


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