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Western Sydney University celebrates 30 years of Unlimited.

As Western Sydney University prepares to mark its 30th anniversary, it is a timely opportunity to celebrate the University’s history and acknowledge the vital role it has played in the social and economic transformation of the burgeoning Western Sydney region.

Paint me a picture: Western research reveals linguistic meaning in gestures and animations

A new study has revealed that far less meaning in language is encoded in words than originally thought.


Sweatshop women reclaim their stories

Sweatshop: Western Sydney Literacy Movement, co-supported by Western Sydney University, has released a new publication which showcases the stories of culturally diverse women from Western Sydney.

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Health Check: what causes constipation?

Most people have experienced being blocked up from time to time, whether it’s while travelling, after taking painkillers, or when you’ve let your diet go.

Western Sydney University pioneers non-invasive nerve repair technology

A research team led by Western has achieved a world-first scientific breakthrough by regenerating injured peripheral nerves with minimal side effects, giving patients with chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and spinal cord injury new hope.

Western Sydney University celebrates multimillion dollar space race research win

As a member of the newly formed SmartSat CRC, Western Sydney University welcomed the $55 million funding announcement from Federal Government’s Department of Industry, Science & Technology.


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