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Maize Crop at Hawkesbury

Western Sydney University scientists find crops with narrower leaves better for future climates

Scientists have found that varieties of crops like corn and sorghum with narrow leaves would be more water use efficient and possibly, more productive.

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Why Sydney residents use 30% more water per day than Melburnians

This week Melbourne’s water storage dropped below 50%, a sign of the prolonged and deepening drought gripping eastern Australia. Sydney is only marginally better off, at 53.8% of full storage.

Pacific student ambassadors mentor next generation

Western Sydney University’s Pasifika Achievement to Higher Education (PATHE) program is dedicated to helping Pacific communities think big about their education and career aspirations.

Lean, mean eating machines: key to saving turtles lies in their appetites

Despite localised extinction, Associate Professor Spencer said it’s not too late for our turtle populations to re-establish and Western Sydney University research has confirmed turtles can play an important role in the rehabilitation of our waterways.

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Teenagers need our support, not criticism, as they navigate life online

Imagine you’re a 14-year-old girl on the train on your way home from school, when out of nowhere a “dick pic” appears on your phone. Surprise! You’ve been cyber flashed.

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Key challenges for the re-elected Coalition government: our experts respond

The Coalition has won the federal election. So what will this mean for key policy areas?


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