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Bankstown Poetry Slam

Bankstown Poetry Slam present The Grand Slam

Australia’s largest regular poetry slam hopes to set a new record at its fourth annual Grand Slam event next month.

Putting the lid on plastic waste

Western student and ecowarrior Naomi Kroll collected more than 20,000 plastic lids from around the university’s campuses for The Plastic Lid Project.

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The Conversation: Asians out! Not in this suburb. Not in this apartment

This is the fourth article in The Conversation series, Australian Cities in the Asian Century: When it comes to access to housing in Australia, the playing field is far from even.


West Syd U, on your feet, let’s repeat! Can our NSW State Champions from Western Sydney take out another National Championship?

Western Sydney University Cheerleading Club is proud to be competing at the Australian Allstar Cheerleading Federation (AASCF) National Cheer & Dance Championships this weekend.

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We still live here: public housing tenants fight for their place in the city

After years of strong housing market growth, Sydney’s property market is slowing. Despite this, housing stress remains a reality for many Sydneysiders, with rents remaining largely untouched.

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Infrared sauna is no better for your health than traditional sauna: busting a common wellness myth

If you follow wellness trends, you might’ve come across the claim that an infrared sauna, which heats the body with light, is better for you than a traditional sauna, which uses radiant heat from a stove.


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