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Trump’s travel ban is just one of many US policies that legalize discrimination against Muslims

As we anticipate the Supreme Court’s decision to either uphold or rescind Trump’s travel ban, the question remains: Will the Supreme Court continue to allow the legal discrimination against Muslims in the U.S.?

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Back to school and back to bad habits? Western Sydney University experts talk keeping kids active

Western Sydney University academics say getting children involved in physical activity and away from their screens can be made easier with a few tips.


Expert: Fix the system and give vulnerable Australians more affordable finance options

concerns over giving consumer leasing companies access to people's welfare payments are a distraction from a “missed opportunity” on behalf of the Government.

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How to keep school lunches safe in the heat

Harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning can still end up in lunchboxes and picnics. Controlling the temperature of the food can help minimise the chance of getting sick, or the severity of any food-borne illness.

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The evolution of the Australian accent

The Australian accent has evolved at a phenomenal rate since European settlers first met the original inhabitants of the continent, and later mixed with new immigrants to create today’s Australia.

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Moral rights, artistic integrity and Cory Bernardi’s Australia Day playlist

Amid the debate over changing the date of Australia Day and Triple J’s announcement of moving the Hottest 100 countdown, Senator Cory Bernardi, has sparked criticism for arranging his own Australia Day playlist on Spotify.


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