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Instagram is changing the way we experience art, and that’s a good thing

It was perhaps inevitable that Instagram would shake up the art world. Instagram is changing the way we experience and share our visits to exhibitions, and how we perceive art.

Diabetes Launch

Australian-first program protecting women with diabetes and their babies rolls out across South West Sydney

An Australian-first program aimed at reducing malformations in babies born to mothers with diabetes has been rolled out across South Western Sydney this week.

MD Islam

Western Sydney University student awarded Canterbury-Bankstown Citizen Of The Year

MD Islam who is studying a Masters of Research at Western Sydney University’s Graduate Research School, was recognised for his service to the community over the past 12 months.

Edward Narayan

Research: Summer heat waves impede animal reproduction

As we swelter through the hot Australian summer, Western Sydney University researchers have provided an insight into the broad ranging physiological effects of summer heatwaves on animals.

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Acting out, acting their age or something more serious? Dealing with difficult behaviour in children

At some stage in every child’s life they will exhibit defiant, impulsive or even disobedient behaviours.

Whole Tree Chambers Heatwave

New research explains how native trees sweat out heat waves

We know that the heat is uncomfortable for humans and animals, but how does our native flora fare? New Western Sydney University research has offered a glimpse of whether our trees will cope with extreme, prolonged heatwaves.


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