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Fast Forward students

Year 12 students to explore what life could look like after school

In an effort to encourage young people to learn about the opportunities of a higher education, Western Sydney University’s Fast Forward program will bring together more than 600 students in their annual Year 12 Conference.

Otitis media research

The buck stops ear: Researchers hone-in on ear infection endemic

It’s the national health tragedy that’s falling on deaf ears: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have the highest rates of ‘otitis media’ – or middle ear infection – in the world.


CatalystWest: Crisis talks in western Sydney

It turns out that with the right flow of local know-how we’re better in a crisis than we might think. More than 300 thought-leaders from industry, government and the community will discuss how western Sydney will be able to cope in times of crisis at CatalystWest.

Western Shield

Sleep and time with pets helps people living with bipolar disorder

New research from Western Sydney University has revealed that simple self-care strategies, such as spending time with animals and getting enough sleep, are helpful for people managing bipolar disorder symptoms.


CatalystWest: Use the west as a test bed for health

Should western Sydney be used as Australia’s living health laboratory?More than 300 thought-leaders will discuss western Sydney’s capacity to drive the solutions to the nation’s health challenges at CatalystWest.

Bionic Voice

Discovery to alter the path of bionic voice research worldwide

Following an exciting development in The Bionic Voice research project – led by the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development at Western Sydney University – the global field of electronic voice research is set to change.


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