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Baby in hospital

Unexpected arrival: Study describes the mothers most likely to give birth outside of hospital

Waiting for a baby to arrive can be anxious business. Once labour starts, how long do you wait before going to hospital? Should you take your time, have a bath, and prepare for a long labour – or is your baby likely to crown when you’re stuck in traffic?


Can Sydney swallow the sewerage solution?

As Greater Sydney is forecast to gain another 1.74 million residents in the next 18 years, a Western Sydney University expert in water conservation says a vital consideration needs to be how Sydney will manage the increasing demand for drinking water.

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More of us are drinking recycled sewage water than most people realise

The world is watching as Cape Town’s water crisis approaches “Day Zero”. Questions are being asked about which other cities could be at risk and what can they do to avoid running dry.

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Take it from us - here’s what we need in an ambassador for women in science

The federal government will appoint a “Women in Science ambassador” to travel to schools around Australia and encourage young girls to pursue careers in science and technology.

2018 Woman of the West Awards 498x310

Exceptional women named in the 2018 Women of the West Awards

Western Sydney University has announced the winners of the 2018 Women of the West Awards. The two inspirational women have been chosen for their invaluable contributions to the community and business.

Blood sample

Haphazard cholesterol checks place Australians at risk of heart disease

Nearly half of Australians on stable lipid-lowering treatment may be having fewer high-density lipoprotein (HDL-C) testing than recommended by national guidelines, while nearly one fifth are having more tests than recommended, new research reveals.


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