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6 tips for keeping cool this summer

Due to climate change and rapid urbanisation, our summers are getting hotter. Researchers at Western Sydney University say that extreme heat occurrences are becoming a major liveability issue, particularly in western Sydney.

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Sydney’s 5 worst urban design mistakes

As city populations increase and summer temperatures rise, growing attention is being given to the topic of urban heat islands and what can be done to cool our cities. Western Sydney University academics comment on this issue.

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Your drinking water could be saltier than you think (even if you live in a capital)

As the drought drags on, small communities in eastern Australia are turning to emergency water supplies. Often, this means bore water, which has prompted health fears over its high salt content.

Green Ringtail Possum

Hot possums risk losing their homes

As our world is warming under climate change, heat waves are becoming more frequent and intense, yet the vulnerability of our wildlife to such events is poorly understood. New research indicates that the area where maximum temperatures are survivable for the green ringtail possum could shrink by over 85 percent this century due to climate change.


$1.9 million NHMRC grant for Western set for major breakthroughs in preeclampsia research

Western has been awarded an NHMRC Project Grant valued at $1.9 million to test the effectiveness of a novel medication which could prevent women who develop severe pre-eclampsia needing to give birth prematurely, and in turn, save lives.

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Infant formula companies are behind the guidelines on milk allergy and their sales are soaring

There has been a six-fold increase in sales of infant formula prescribed for babies with cows’ milk protein allergy in the United Kingdom from 2006 to 2016.


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