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Your poo is (mostly) alive. Here’s what’s in it.

If you’ve ever thought your poo is just a bunch of dead cells, think again. Most of it is alive, teeming with billions of microbes. Here’s what studies in healthy adults reveal makes up our poo.

Western Sydney Community to come together for Inaugural Greening Day

Community groups in Western Sydney are set to come together with local sports stars Keira Austin and Remi Siemson this Friday 2 Nov for Western Sydney University’s inaugural Greening Day.

Atlas award for Western

A team of international physical activity researchers, including Dr Joseph Firth from NICM Health Research Institute, has been awarded an Atlas for outstanding research into mental health in low- and middle-income countries.

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Western receives $1million donation from Harvey Norman

Western Sydney University has received a generous donation from Harvey Norman Holdings Limited, its Chair Gerry Harvey and Chief Executive Katie Page.

Waste research

Research Week tackles Australia's expanding waste line

Two compelling events held at Western Sydney University's Hawkesbury campus during Research Week brought together a diverse group of researchers, local organisations and members of the public to discuss the rising challenge of waste management.

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Being in nature is good for learning, here’s how to get kids off screens and outside

Contrary to the belief we Aussies are a nature-loving outdoor nation, research suggests we’re spending less and less time outdoors. This worrying trend is also becoming increasingly apparent in our educational settings.


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