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Meng Fei

If You Are The One host in live stream

Viewers of the wildly popular SBS dating show If You Are The One will be given a rare opportunity to livestream a special Q and A with host Meng Fei on Sunday evening at 7.30pm.

French flag

France will rally together after attacks; policing expert

The French population will quickly pull together and work with authorities to recover from the country’s latest terrorist attacks, according to a policing expert who has worked in Paris.

Work Ready program gives students career boost

An innovative program at Western Sydney University is giving students a helping hand in landing their dream jobs.

Baby bottle

Formula frenzy sparked by unethical marketing; expert

The recent baby formula shortage in Australia highlights the unethical marketing practices of infant formula manufacturers across the world.

The Conversation logo

The story behind the footage of Whitlam’s ‘Kerr’s cur’ speech

The way in which Bob Wilesmith’s footage has come to dominate Australians’ recollection of November 11, 1975, is a story of prescience, luck and the limitations of the TV news technology of the day.

Cell study challenges laws of biology and opens doors to new treatments

New research by Western Sydney University has overturned our understanding of a key process occurring in every living cell, laying the foundation for new treatments in diseases as diverse as diabetes and Alzheimer’s.


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