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Three hands

Australia’s multicultural future is a story in three parts

The story of Australia’s multicultural future needs to be informed by an understanding of the past. Those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

Young Sprout

Nature paper shows crucial role of soil biodiversity in human health

The role of soil biodiversity in human health is underappreciated, and poor land management practices and environmental change are endangering lives needlessly, according to a new research paper.

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Open Forum: Lifting Australia's Disability Employment Participation

In 2012, the rate of employment for Australians with disability was 54.9%, compared to 82.5% for working-age people without disability.

Anton award 2

Programming and video game lecturers recognised at industry awards

Doctor Anton Bogdanovych has won the 'ICT Higher Education Educator of the Year 2015' award at the Reimagination Thought Leaders Summit.

Water bottle

History of bottled water focus of new book

A new book takes a fresh look at bottled water to investigate how markets for the product were developed, and how the new habit of constant sipping actually emerged.

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'Sting in the Tail': Islam and the Politicisation of Religion

Now more than ever, religion is being confused with politics – and calling for religious reforms in isolation from the wider political context is a dangerous path to take.


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