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Water bombing helicopter

The role of climate change in future bushfire risk

Fire ecologist Dr Matthias Boer, from the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment comments on the impact of climate change on future bushfire risk in Australia.

Paris policeman standing in traffic

Charlie Hebdo attack raises concerns about the security and fragility of egalitarian values, says expert

Historical sociologist and expert on Islam, Dr Milad Milani says Islam has historically respected the boundaries between ‘Church and State’; it is Islamist ideology that does not respect this boundary.

Double J studio

Happy birthday Triple J! Public forum looks back at 40 years of sound and impact

To mark the 40th birthday of 2JJ – now Triple J – media and popular music historian Dr Liz Giuffre will be speaking at a free public forum hosted by the Whitlam Institute.

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Research shows antenatal education classes focussing on pain relief techniques dramatically reduce the rate of medical interventions during childbirth, such as epidural use and caesarean section.

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Cricket, commentary and the dollar: Benaud’s legacy is complex

Around 150,000 deaths are registered in Australia every year, but few receive the “end of an era” tribute accorded Richie Benaud, who famous as a player, journalist, author, consultant and commentator.


Research boost sees music tackle dementia

New research will investigate whether music can alleviate depression in people with dementia, and the personal and musical variables that shape their emotional responses to music.


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