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Summer triggers for male eating disorders

Sun, sand and swimming may sound relaxing but for an increasing number of men summer is a stressful time as they grapple with concerns about body image.


Back to school anxiety for families with children affected by food allergy

On the eve of the new school year, a UWS pilot study into Starting School with Food has provided valuable insights into addressing parental anxiety and improve the safety of children at school.

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UWS makes over 11,300 offers to uni hopefuls

The University of Western Sydney is making over 11,300 university offers in 2015 the largest number of offers to uni hopefuls in NSW and the ACT.

Babylab Penrith sign

Mums: we need you! Penrith Babylab opens its doors

Parents interested in improving our understanding of the way children learn about language and the world are urged to contact the new UWS Babylab at Penrith.

Black leather school shoes

Back to school: How to choose those new shoes

Getting the right advice for buying new school shoes could save parents money and more importantly their kids from experiencing foot pain and foot problems.

Milad Milani

Intolerance and blasphemy in the modern world

The tradition of freedom of expression on religious matters is not quite so venerable as many seem to imagine in the outcry at the killing of Charlie Hebdo journalists and cartoonists in Paris.


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