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Online and out there: how children view privacy

The majority of young people now share lots of things online that many adults question and feel uncomfortable about: their likes, dislikes, personal views, where they are, images of themselves and others doing things they should or maybe shouldn't be doing.


Seminar explores law and the end of life

As resources become scarcer and our population increases and ages, we will become more concerned than ever to ensure that processes such as advance care directives are working as they are intended.

Peter FitzSimons

Renowned author Peter FitzSimons receives Honorary Doctorate

Author and former Australian rugby union player Peter FitzSimons has been recognised for services to the community.

Ben Quilty

Artist Ben Quilty receives Honorary Doctorate

Prize winner artist and UWS alumnus, Ben Quilty has received an Honorary Doctorate.

Kerry Schott

Business leader Kerry Schott receives Honorary Doctorate

Dr Kerry Schott’s distinguished career in public administration, education, banking and business has been recognised with an Honorary Doctorate.

Scott Holmes

Research maps small business sector to unlock Aladdin’s cave

Research from the University of Western Sydney has surveyed the small business sector and discovered five distinct categories separated by growth factors, technology and access to finance.


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