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PMS ice-cream doesn’t have to be some kind of period drama

Is the packaging for a range of “ice-cream that understands PMS” created by a 21-year-old American graphic designer funny, offensive, or something else entirely?

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New UWS Indigenous graduates celebrate milestone

A new generation of primary education teachers will join the classrooms this year after graduating from the University of Western Sydney.

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Space treaties are a challenge to launching small satellites in orbit

Thanks to advancements in microelectronics and miniaturisation, tiny satellites called nanosats or cubesats – some the size of a 10cm cube – are being built at far less expense and launched by university researchers and start-up companies.

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Navitas enters joint venture with UWS to open international college in Western Sydney

UWS has announced an agreement to enter into a 50:50 joint venture with global education services provider Navitas Limited to establish a pathway college for international students.

2015 Autumn Graduation

Kerry Schott, Ben Quilty and Peter FitzSimons to receive graduation honours

High-profile Australians Ben Quilty, Peter FitzSimons and Dr Kerry Schott have received honorary doctorates from UWS at Autumn Graduation.

Werrington Park Corporate Centre

Werrington Park Corporate Centre to drive new knowledge jobs of the future

The $30 million Werrington Park Corporate Centre has been officially unveiled, bringing with it the promise of high-tech industries, and hundreds of much-needed knowledge-economy jobs for Sydney’s west


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