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Sisters of Charity 2

UWS and Sisters of Charity making a difference in the lives of students

A new partnership between UWS and the Sisters of Charity will help some of the most disadvantaged students in Greater Western Sydney access the life changing benefits of a tertiary education.

Royal Society

Anne Cutler elected as Fellow of Royal Society

The Fellowship of the Royal Society is made up of the most eminent scientists, engineers and technologists in the Commonwealth.

Clifford Stott

Mad mobs and football hooligans- debunking the myths

Dr Clifford Stott was appointed by UEFA as Chief Scientific Advisor on their project training police commanders and stadium security managers for the 2012 European Championships in Poland and Ukraine.

Female Orphan School opening

Jewel of the West: Female Orphan School open for National Trust Heritage Festival

The iconic Female Orphan School has been witness to some of the most significant social changes in Australian history, so it is only fitting that it become the backdrop for events to celebrate the National Trust Heritage Festival.

Rosemary Leonard

UWS announces new partnership with CSIRO

The University of Western Sydney is pleased to announce Professor Rosemary Leonard as the inaugural UWS and CSIRO Joint Chair in Social Capital and Sustainability.

The Conversation logo

The US-Russian Space Station mission is a study in cooperation

The International Space Station The is probably the most complex and costly international infrastructure project ever undertaken, and the 15 partners have recently agreed to extend its operating life until 2024.


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