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Are young children addicted to technology?

Society has been inundated with scare tactics around children’s increasing use of technology. To date, media articles have blamed technology for various ills in society such as obesity, insomnia, violence, aggression and language development issues.

Dr Hassan El Laithy

Open Forum: Egyptian Ambassador discusses Arab Spring

Democratic uprisings swept through the Middle East and Africa in 2011, but initial hopes the Arab Spring would usher in a new era of democracy and peace across the region have faded.

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Playing the woman: Healy and Kyrgios expose sport’s sexism problem

For every positive story about women and sport there are ugly reminders of just how heavily the odds are stacked against them, writes Professor David Rowe.

Penrith Observatory at night

Celebrating National Science Week with UWS Penrith Observatory

The University of Western Sydney is calling for lovers of the night sky to head on out to the Penrith Observatory and join in on breaking the world record for stargazing.

Pacfic community

Study sheds new light on Australian Pacfiic community

A report has shed light on the Pacific community in Australia, a largely ignored sector of society similar to other migrant working communities around the world.

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Enabling the ICC to address Crimes against the Environment

The large-scale intentional destruction of the environment during times of war should be made a crime under international law, according to a UWS legal expert.


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