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Moving autism on TV beyond the genius stereotype

If children can find a bit of themselves or their friends in characters on screen, they can see autism from a different perspective. Characters needn't be taboo, but rather, merit acceptance and inclusion

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Every picture tells a story, but visualisation can tell the right one

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.But how much data can a picture capture? Or, more interestingly, how can a picture tell a story that's hiding in data?

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UniClinic comes to the rescue of elderly patients

The troublesome task of cutting toe nails and managing calluses and corns will not be a burden for the elderly much longer, with Western Sydney University's UniClinic providing this service all in a day's work.

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Partners can help with PMS: Couples counselling key to coping with premenstrual distress

A Western Sydney University study has found that couples counselling can be critical for women in the treatment of severe premenstrual symptoms (PMS).

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Elders at Western Sydney University join emotional ANZAC Day 2017 march

Military and former military personnel who are Elders on Campus will join other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander veterans and defence personnel as they lead the Anzac Day march.

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From Pakistan to Western Sydney as graduate sets new path in Australia

It’s been a long journey to graduation for Ibrar Hassani, from the remote mountainous peaks of Pakistan to Western Sydney University.


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