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Woman in pain

Sex and women’s diseases: it’s common and important to include men’s perspectives

Women suffering from endometriosis, a disease that causes chronic pelvic pain, have criticised a student for choosing to conduct research on the sexual impact of the disease on women’s partners.

Chafer Larve

Future Fellowship looks beyond climate change scourge and toward greener pastures

A Western Sydney University researcher has been awarded an ARC Future Fellowship, to investigate methods of protecting Australian grasses from insect pests and rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels.

The Conversation logo

Anti-siphoning changes a blow to sports fans

The proposed anti-siphoning changes shift the economic balance from free-to-air towards pay-TV, as well as from government intervention in the sport TV market to more open market play.

Earth, satellite and moon

New ‘star tracking’ camera to advance space monitoring capabilities

The Department of Defence has announced funding for Western Sydney University researchers to develop advanced, new camera technology that could transform the way we monitor moving objects in space.


Lecturer honoured with National Police Service Medal

A National Police Service Medal has been awarded to an academic from the School of Social Sciences and Psychology at Western Sydney University.

World Heritage-listed river

How our research is helping clean up coal-mining pollution in a World Heritage-listed river

The Wollangambe River in New South Wales is a gift of nature, flowing through the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains. So it was with a sense of irony that bushwalkers noticed unnatural flow and discolouration in the river.


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